healthiest way to cook eggs
The Healthiest Ways to Cook Eggs

We all know eggs are healthy. Super foods some call them.

Yeah, they also contain a lot of fat and cholesterol too and we go back and forth on whether this is good for us or bad for us overall but while the debate rages let us consider the most nutritious ways to cook eggs so that we are at least doing the best we can.

The Absolute Healthiest Way to Cook Eggs

Before we dive into this topic lets first watch this video on the helath benefits of eggs to understand th basis for this post.

As you can see eggs are beneficial no matter how you cook them but there are ways to improve their benefits while downplaying their negatives.

For instance when you cook an egg by any method you impart heat on the molecules of the egg. This helps to unwind proteins which can increase the nutrients bioavailability in our body. The tricky part is that the egg yolk and egg white are different in how they react to heat.

Egg whites actually are better for you when they are cooked while yolks are better for you when they are undercooked.

For an egg white to cook it needs to reach the range of 144 to 149 degrees. The yolk however needs to reach the 150s to cook. This implies that the optimal temperature to cook an egg is approximately 150 degrees – just enough to cook the white but leave the yolk slightly undercooked.

I find the best way to cook an egg to an internal temperature of 150 degrees is to steam an egg in the shell. The steam can easily increase the exterior part of the egg – the egg whites – to 150 degrees while leaving the internal yolk runny. So long as you don’t steam the egg for too long the yolk will remain runny and undercooked while the white will firm up.

What is the Best Way to Steam an Egg?

I find that pressure cooking my eggs is the best way for me to steam them quickly and efficiently. I can easily control everything in my electric pressure cooker because of the timers and microprosseor controls. In short, once I get the timing and temperature figured out I can duplicate the cooking process for eggs over and over again and be very confident that I’ll get a runny yolk with a cooked white.

Here’s another video on how to steam an egg in an Instant Pot to get a runny yolk every time.

Of course you don’t have to use an Instant Pot to get this job done – all you are looking for is a soft boiled egg but if you decide to try it on the stove in a pot of water your results take longer and you will have to be more precise with timing and burner temperature.

Next you just need to cook your veggies on the side as healthy as possible and your coffee too!

the healthiest ways to make cake
The Healthiest Ways to Make a Cake

There are tons of reasons for why you should make a cake. Birthday cakes are just one reason although probably the most common.

No matter why you are making a cake there however a few general things you can keep in mind that will work with most recipes to keep that cake a bit healthier than the original recipe intended.

These are of course general rules and any one of them may not work for the cake you are trying to make but through trial and error and picking the right tips for the right recipes you should end up with some pretty healthy cakes… or at least some cakes that aren’t so unhealthy.

Cake Making Guidelines to Make Them Healthier

Choose from within this list but don’t necessarily use all these tips at the same time. You still want it to taste like cake after all.

  1. Use less bad fat and oil by substituting part of it for applesauce. This is simple. For the average cake recipe you will see ingredients like butter or oil. Whatever is called for only use half of that and replace the discarded half with an equal amount of applesauce. Then to balance the recipe out use a little less liquids in your mix to offset the added moisture in the applesauce.
  2. Replace all the refined sugars in the the frosting with healthy fats and sugars in coconut cream. This one is fun and simple. You’ll still have to moderate consumption because coconut milk has a lot of fats but they aren’t exactly bad fats. By taking the cream off the top of a can of coconut milk and beating in honey and vanilla extract you can have something close to cool whip and regular whipped cream. The difference is the sweets are better for you and the fats are too. You can see this recipe for more on how to make coconut whipped cream.
  3. Use whole wheat flour instead of plain old white refined flour. The basic white flour has been stripped of all things healthy and processing adds a few things that are not healthy. By sticking with slightly more expensive whole wheat flour your cake will be just that much more healthy and the difference in preparation and taste will be negligible.

Of course with all things food, one of the best ways to stay healthy while eating your cake too is to eat in moderation. Use smaller plates and you will naturally cut smaller portions. This crosses into all areas of eating. Just buying small plates and throwing out big ones will result in an increase in your health.

Crazy but true. See this video for more on how that works.

Thanks for reading.

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Stay healthy my friends!

the healthiest ways to make coffee
These are the Healthiest Ways To Make Coffee

Coffee is naturally pretty healthy. There’s virtually no calories – assuming you don’t add things like milk or sugar . Their is also no sodium, sugars, or anything artificial going into it.

The thing is though that people end up making their coffee super unhealthy by putting a bunch of garbage into it.

Let me tell you, even if you don’t like the taste of pure black coffee there are ways to make coffee even healthier than plain black coffee.

Let me explain how to make the healthiest cup of coffee possible

The Healthiest Things to Put in Your Coffee

There are lots of things that can go into coffee to make it healthier. To start off this post I wanted to share you this great video on the topic that was posted by Paleo Hacks.

As you can see it’s not complicated.

The best things to add to your coffee to improve health are:

1. Adding Cinnamon to Your Coffee
2. Adding Collagen to Your Coffee
3. Adding Grass Fed Butter to Coffee
4. Adding Coconut Oil to Coffee
5. Adding Cocoa to Coffee

To ensure your coffee is not toxic make sure you:

1. Use Filtered Water
2. Brew Only Organic Coffee Beans

If you want to brew coffee the healthiest way possible I would also suggest using the french press brewing method as it is the most reliable at letting coffee oils make it all the way to your cup. Those oils are where all the Cafestol and kahweol are found and these are known to be good for protection against cancer.

See this thread on Bulletproof for more of the nitty-gritty.

Now that you have that under your belt maybe you want to see about improving the way you cook your veggies. Here is my post on the healthiest way to cook veggies.

healthy ways of cooking meat
The Healthiest Ways to Cook Meat

If you are anything like me you know you should be more healthy. You should cook better food, work out a little bit. You should at least try – because trying to be healthy is better than not right?

I also have made ultimatums with myself. No matter how much I try to be healthy there are a few things in life I will not compromise on. I will eat meat is one of those. I will drink alcohol is another.

The thing is that eating meat and drinking is not inherently bad for you.

There are tons of studies that show that vegetarians are healthier people but you know I believe. People who are vegetarian are by definition trying to be healthy whereas people who eat meat are not by definition trying to be healthy. Many meat eaters are but many meat eaters aren’t.

healthy methods of cooking chicken

All these tacos are missing is a bit of shredded chicken breast.

I want to define myself as a carnivore who actually tries to be healthy and I hope you feel that way as well.

To put this into a financial way of thinking. Why save all of your money if you never intend on spending it? What’s the point?

Why life a long and healthy life if you aren’t going to try and enjoy it?

I think we can live healthy lifestyles and still enjoy life to it’s fullest.

So without further delay…

What are the healthiest Ways to Cook Meat?

To start off this monologue I’ll direct you to this really great video (don’t worry it’s not long) on the differences between eating grass fed, free range cows and chickens (meat) and commercial meat. The evidence is overwhelming that grass fed beef is worth eating and free range organic chickens make the best eggs.

Watch the video and then continue reading.

Simple to understand – If you want to cook the healthiest meat you have to start with the healthiest ingredients for your body.

Start with grass fed beef and lamb and cook with only free range organic chickens.

So Which Cooking Methods are The Best

Healthy Cooking Methods For Meat EatersOnce you have the right ingredients the next step is picking the right way to prepare your food…

which we will explore soon.

Come back again for the update!

I will cover topics such as:

  1. Healthy Ways to Cook Chicken
  2. The Healthiest Ways to Prepare Beef
  3. The Healthiest Methods of Cooking Fish & Seafood
  4. Healthy Lamb Recipes

I hope these topics interest you because I see no reason why you can’t live a long and healthy life while also eating really awesome food.

Also, I hope you’ll take the time to read my post on the healthiest ways to cook vegetables. We love meat around here but you have to eat you veggies too!

healthiest methods of cooking vegetables
The Top Three Healthiest Methods of Cooking Vegetables

Here is a quick video to start you off on this post.

The Healthiest Way to Cook Vegetables

So you want to be healthy – I get that. That’s a natural thing to want to do.

You also don’t want to go on a raw vegan diet – that’s also pretty natural.

As it turns out there are ways to be even more healthy by cooking your veggies than there are by eating them raw.

1. Eating Lightly Steamed Veggies is Better for you Than Eating Them Raw

This is the foundation of everything in this post. As reported by CNN:

“Studies show the process of cooking actually breaks down tough outer layers and cellular structure of many vegetables, making it easier for your body to absorb their nutrients…”

Basically cooking your veggies just a little makes it so that your body can actually take in the nutrients contained in those veggies.

That CNN report was based off the findings of Elaine Magee, a registered dietitian and author of Food Synergy.

This basically means that if you were to lightly steam your spinach before eating it compared to eating it raw, you would absorb more of the nutrients and be healthier as a result.

A quick steaming your veggies will be the best bet for cooking healthier this year.

2. Microwaving Your Veggies is One of the Healthiest Ways To Cook Food

microwaving veggies is one of the healthiest ways to cook themThis statement of fact is probably the most alarming. When you think of microwaving food you never really think of healthy food and you certainly don’t think of this as a healthy way of cooking but in the case of cooking veggies it actually is very healthy.

A microwave cooks food by sending waves of energy (microwaves) into your food. Those waves affect water molecules due to their bipolarity and cause heat as a byproduct. The heat generated is what cooks the food. Basically without water the food simply wouldn’t cook as well.

Why is this healthy though? Because you don’t actually have to add water to cook like you do when steaming or boiling. The cooking process makes many of the nutrients more bio-available and nutrient loss is almost non-existent.

This article from Harvard goes further to explain that some nutrients are destroyed by heat so the shortened heat exposure of microwaving is a lot better for nutrient retention than other forms of cooking which heat food up for longer periods of time.

3. Pressure Cooking is Healthier Than Boiling Veggies Because There is Far Less Nutrient Loss

In much the same way pressure cooking keeps the heat exposure to a minimum and added water to a minimum – this ranks as number three on my healthiest way of cooking veggies list.

Boiling your veggies if done properly will not leech too much nutrients out. You have to blanch.

That means wait until your water has come to a boil and then drop your veggies in boiling them for only a minute or two depending on what kind of vegetable you are cooking.

The cooking process will unlock some of the nutrients and make them available for your digestion but the short boiling time will keep as many of those nutrients out of the water as possible.

So there you have it, the best ways to cook your veggies.

What comes after veggies? At my dinner table we sometimes eat dessert after dinner so make sure to read my post on baking cakes as that are as healthy as possible.

Thanks for reading!