The Healthiest Ways to Cook Chicken

Chicken itself is considered to be a healthy type of meat which is highly recommended by doctors to be included in the diets. One secret to be revealed is that the method of preparing the chicken can have a great effect and even change the number of fat and calories there are in the plate. In fact, there is a well-known diet to lose weight if you use chicken bone broth regularly.

The healthiest way to cook chicken is by poaching which supposes plain preparation of the chicken when the vitamins and nutrients stay in the chicken. No new ingredient is added to the chicken so that it boils in the plain water without anything else. This process is like poaching an egg where you just use water to make the eggs get prepared. The same thing happens to the chicken. Poaching chicken is still a hard process and you need to wait for some period of time for the water to get boiled in a deep pan after which you should reduce the heat and wait until the chicken is well cooked.

You will think to yourself ”what is the ideal amount of water to be used for chicken pouching?” In fact, it all depends on which part of the chicken you are cooking and of course how much chicken you are using. This works perfect when you want to make a chicken soup and add here some seasonings to make the dish taste better. Chicken soup is even more wanted and edible with more pleasure when the weather is cold outside and eating a hot bowl of soup will warm you up. You can add herbs here, various seasonings, if you are not fond of plain dishes. The most important thing is that you do not eat unhealthy food like fried chicken which is not highly recommended as a healthy type of dish.

In case you cannot feel satisfied with plain food like chicken soup, there still are options for you to start using chicken in your diet. You can grill the chicken and still be sure that you are eating healthy food. If you count the amount of fat wen grilling the chicken you will not have a problem. High fat food is considered to be unhealthy and this is why I highly recommend you not to use extra oil and not to add more fat to the chicken that is being grilled by adding additional oil to it. So do not brush some more oil in the chicken before grilling it.


Feel free to add spices and herbs to the chicken to make it taste better. You can even add some vinegar to the chicken and then grill it. The vinegar will give subtle taste to the chicken making it unique and tasting so good.

If you want to eat healthy food, you should avoid frying the chicken on the pan in no way. This is the least recommended way of cooking something. This is just a killer when you place the chicken onto a pan and wait for it to get the poison in and then eat. No matter by which method you fry the chicken, be it in a thick layer of oil or the chicken coated with a thick layer of flour to make the outer part brownish and crunchy. Just avoid frying chicken and never have it. Do not harm your health. Eat healthy food, live longer.