healthy ways of cooking meat
The Healthiest Ways to Cook Meat

If you are anything like me you know you should be more healthy. You should cook better food, work out a little bit. You should at least try – because trying to be healthy is better than not right?

I also have made ultimatums with myself. No matter how much I try to be healthy there are a few things in life I will not compromise on. I will eat meat is one of those. I will drink alcohol is another.

The thing is that eating meat and drinking is not inherently bad for you.

There are tons of studies that show that vegetarians are healthier people but you know I believe. People who are vegetarian are by definition trying to be healthy whereas people who eat meat are not by definition trying to be healthy. Many meat eaters are but many meat eaters aren’t.

healthy methods of cooking chicken

All these tacos are missing is a bit of shredded chicken breast.

I want to define myself as a carnivore who actually tries to be healthy and I hope you feel that way as well.

To put this into a financial way of thinking. Why save all of your money if you never intend on spending it? What’s the point?

Why life a long and healthy life if you aren’t going to try and enjoy it?

I think we can live healthy lifestyles and still enjoy life to it’s fullest.

So without further delay…

What are the healthiest Ways to Cook Meat?

To start off this monologue I’ll direct you to this really great video (don’t worry it’s not long) on the differences between eating grass fed, free range cows and chickens (meat) and commercial meat. The evidence is overwhelming that grass fed beef is worth eating and free range organic chickens make the best eggs.

Watch the video and then continue reading.

Simple to understand – If you want to cook the healthiest meat you have to start with the healthiest ingredients for your body.

Start with grass fed beef and lamb and cook with only free range organic chickens.

So Which Cooking Methods are The Best

Healthy Cooking Methods For Meat EatersOnce you have the right ingredients the next step is picking the right way to prepare your food…

which we will explore soon.

Come back again for the update!

I will cover topics such as:

  1. Healthy Ways to Cook Chicken
  2. The Healthiest Ways to Prepare Beef
  3. The Healthiest Methods of Cooking Fish & Seafood
  4. Healthy Lamb Recipes

I hope these topics interest you because I see no reason why you can’t live a long and healthy life while also eating really awesome food.

Also, I hope you’ll take the time to read my post on the healthiest ways to cook vegetables. We love meat around here but you have to eat you veggies too!