The Healthiest Ways to Cook spinach

It is a world known fact that greens are the best food for your health containing a big deal of vitamins and minerals that are really good for you. Diet specialists and doctors in general highly recommend consuming spinach in particular as it is really rich in iron, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Easily digested and light. It is another story that there are quite various opinions about finding the best way to eat spinach and what kind of dish to make from it.

All that matters here the fact that the cooking technique has a big role of keeping all the minerals, antioxidants and vitamins in the spinach and not killing them. Of course, if you overcook them or pour too much water it will make the vitamins eliminate or evaporate or at least lose their useful and healthy structure.

The vitamins contained in spinach are of big quantities and mainly they are considered to be a is a great source of vitamins K, A, and C, which are particularly important in maintaining healthy bones. Spinach is also rich in vitamin B2 and omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for our health.

Spinach contains phytonutrients, which means that it fights against cancer and acts as an anti-inflammatory helping people suffering from cardiovascular problems.

Spinach comes from a family of foods considered highly healthy like beets, chard, kale, quinoa.

Make fresh smoothies from spinach.

You can mix spinach together with any vegetable at hand to break the taste and make a smoothie combination for a healthy breakfast. You can try to make it with mango, berries, or oranges, pineapples to have a sweeter and unique combination. If you want your healthy drink thicker in consistency you can mix spinach with avocados, coconut oil, milk or soy, yoghurt and some nuts. Choose the best variant for yourself and enjoy it.

Make freshly cut salads with spinach.

For this reason, baby spinach is especially delicious when you mix it with other greens, fresh vegetables nuts and even fruits. Ingredients can be added by your choice, there is no restriction as spinach goes very well with all fruits and vegetables.

Let’s wilt spinach lightly.

When we lightly wilt spinach this makes a perfect option to be added in the warm spinach salad or to simply eat this with a piece of bread with some olive oil and garlic. Sure some salt as well will be great. It can’t be without salt.

Alternatively, we can boil spinach slightly.

Two or three minutes is more than enough for spinach to be boiled and keep all the health benefits it has. You will be more than sure that you do not spoil its healthy vitamins and nutrients, they all are in the spinach, in the thesaurus of vitamins and minerals. Add this spinach to pastas, potatoes and what not. Try spinach and tomato sauce which is an awesome alternative to healthy sauce.

Tired of boiled dishes? Let’s fry spinach.

The easiest way of cooking any vegetable is frying. This takes very little time, prepares quickly and without much effort. Do a quick stir-fry of spinach and not only, add other vegetables to your taste or even spanakopita.

For more complicated, yet healthy dishes you can try spinach in a curry.

Have you ever tried Dahl? Probably not. This is an Indian dish that is very popular and this dish is prepared with spices and onions. This dish becomes even yummier with some spinach added in. This dish is easy to make and tastes really rich as there are many spices added.