the healthiest ways to make cake
The Healthiest Ways to Make a Cake

There are tons of reasons for why you should make a cake. Birthday cakes are just one reason although probably the most common.

No matter why you are making a cake there however a few general things you can keep in mind that will work with most recipes to keep that cake a bit healthier than the original recipe intended.

These are of course general rules and any one of them may not work for the cake you are trying to make but through trial and error and picking the right tips for the right recipes you should end up with some pretty healthy cakes… or at least some cakes that aren’t so unhealthy.

Cake Making Guidelines to Make Them Healthier

Choose from within this list but don’t necessarily use all these tips at the same time. You still want it to taste like cake after all.

  1. Use less bad fat and oil by substituting part of it for applesauce. This is simple. For the average cake recipe you will see ingredients like butter or oil. Whatever is called for only use half of that and replace the discarded half with an equal amount of applesauce. Then to balance the recipe out use a little less liquids in your mix to offset the added moisture in the applesauce.
  2. Replace all the refined sugars in the the frosting with healthy fats and sugars in coconut cream. This one is fun and simple. You’ll still have to moderate consumption because coconut milk has a lot of fats but they aren’t exactly bad fats. By taking the cream off the top of a can of coconut milk and beating in honey and vanilla extract you can have something close to cool whip and regular whipped cream. The difference is the sweets are better for you and the fats are too. You can see this recipe for more on how to make coconut whipped cream.
  3. Use whole wheat flour instead of plain old white refined flour. The basic white flour has been stripped of all things healthy and processing adds a few things that are not healthy. By sticking with slightly more expensive whole wheat flour your cake will be just that much more healthy and the difference in preparation and taste will be negligible.

Of course with all things food, one of the best ways to stay healthy while eating your cake too is to eat in moderation. Use smaller plates and you will naturally cut smaller portions. This crosses into all areas of eating. Just buying small plates and throwing out big ones will result in an increase in your health.

Crazy but true. See this video for more on how that works.

Thanks for reading.

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Stay healthy my friends!