the healthiest ways to make coffee
These are the Healthiest Ways To Make Coffee

Coffee is naturally pretty healthy. There’s virtually no calories – assuming you don’t add things like milk or sugar . Their is also no sodium, sugars, or anything artificial going into it.

The thing is though that people end up making their coffee super unhealthy by putting a bunch of garbage into it.

Let me tell you, even if you don’t like the taste of pure black coffee there are ways to make coffee even healthier than plain black coffee.

Let me explain how to make the healthiest cup of coffee possible

The Healthiest Things to Put in Your Coffee

There are lots of things that can go into coffee to make it healthier. To start off this post I wanted to share you this great video on the topic that was posted by Paleo Hacks.

As you can see it’s not complicated.

The best things to add to your coffee to improve health are:

1. Adding Cinnamon to Your Coffee
2. Adding Collagen to Your Coffee
3. Adding Grass Fed Butter to Coffee
4. Adding Coconut Oil to Coffee
5. Adding Cocoa to Coffee

To ensure your coffee is not toxic make sure you:

1. Use Filtered Water
2. Brew Only Organic Coffee Beans

If you want to brew coffee the healthiest way possible I would also suggest using the french press brewing method as it is the most reliable at letting coffee oils make it all the way to your cup. Those oils are where all the Cafestol and kahweol are found and these are known to be good for protection against cancer.

See this thread on Bulletproof for more of the nitty-gritty.

Now that you have that under your belt maybe you want to see about improving the way you cook your veggies. Here is my post on the healthiest way to cook veggies.